Ghostwriting rocks!
There is no wrong or right. Just write.

When it comes to writing for your blog or business, you may just be out of time and energy. The main service Jess Lee Writes & Co. offers is for ghostwriting services. This means you get full credit. After you have paid for the project, you are free to claim the writing as your own. People from all professions need ghostwriters. Whether you’re a blogger or a big time company, you always need the right words to get your point across. 

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It’s wise to hire Jess Lee Writes & Co.  for your ghostwriting needs because you actually know who is writing your copy. We will work closely on your project until it’s perfect. We are perfectly happy to sign an NDA, so you know your quest for a ghostwriter is always confidential. Now, think of everything you need written and let’s get started. This is your year to spend less time worrying about your words because that’s our job. With our help, you can focus on “your business” while we do the dirty work.

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Many people have a use for a ghostwriter from the POTUS, CEOs, bloggers, business owners, and more. There is no shame in hiring a ghostwriter, in fact, it makes perfect sense. We don’t take credit for anything you pay us to write. If you’ve never used a ghostwriter before, you might find that we make the process super easy.  If you’re looking for someone you can trust and someone to get the job done, hire us as your ghostwriter today!

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